Exhaust system
The two-piece muffler/tailpipe may rust out prematurely. If the tailpipe rusts through, heat can damage the rear floor and carpet so GM will install a heat shield over the exhaust system. (1990-91)

Engine misfire
The PCV breather hose may freeze up while driving in cold weather causing a loss of oil and engine damage. (1990)

Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission hunting may be caused by a torque converter clutch that applies and releases too rapidly. (1990-95)

The original keys were made with a soft metal compound that causes them to break. (1990)

Manual transmission
Because of the rubber compound used to make the shifter boots, some vehicles may not go into four wheel drive or they may pop out of 4WD. The boot will be replaced with one having softer rubber, at no charge. (1995)