45% more power! Delivers additional torque and horsepower through supercharging greatly enchanted acceleration, improved highway drivability. Complete bolt-on kit includes external belt-driven blower unit mounted to an aluminum intake manifold powered by a Weber 32/36 2 barrel downdraft carburetor.

SideDraft Dual Carburators.

The Mikuni replaces the Factory Fuel Injection on the 1600cc 8 valve engine with a pair of 40mm carbs and a new custom aluminum intake manifold. A 25% horsepower increase with added torque. This dual carb setup is a true off-road type designed for all types of driving in all types of terrain.


Isky Cams, avaialbe in at least two options for longer durations and higher lift for valves.  Not really deisnged for EFI models, because the ECM doesn't know there's a better cam in the engine.