TV Pause allows you to freeze a live show. Enhanced TV Pause allows you to instantly replay, skip ahead and rewind a paused program.
Online Program Guide allows viewing of programs up to 7 days out. "Program Search" feature allows you to search by keyword such as actor or title. You can also "channel surf" the Online Program Guide while watching a program.
Digital Video Recording allows you to record shows in pure digital quality. You can even rewind, fast-forward at multiple speeds with the touch of a button.
Over 375 crystal-clear video and CD-quality audio channels give you the most channels and the most movies available anywhere.
Access the Internet with integrated 56k modem.
E-mail allows you to communicate with friends and family from your TV. Six user accounts per household, each with their own password and E-mail address.
Instant News allows you to quickly access real-time information on news, sports, weather and more.
Dolby Digital offers home theatre sound.
Optional wireless keyboard allows you to control your system from a distance of 40 feet.
Infrared universal remote control allows you to control the satellite receiver and TV up to a 40-foot distance.
Double Dual LNBF allows for viewing of different channels on separate TVs with a second receiver, while receiving signals from two separate satellite locations simultaneously.
Parental Control lockout restricts access to programs based on ratings and content.
Program Facts Display gives you information on channel name, rating, and remaining time of program.
Show Record automatically programs your VCR to record any show. Show Remind flashes you a notification 1 minute before showtime.
Favorites Lists allow you to customize your favorite channels into 4 separate lists with 30 channels each.
S-Video output allows for the highest quality video connection. Microphone input for voice.
Dual Audio/Video outputs allow pictures to be E-mailed using camcorder or digital camera for connection to TV, VCR or stereo amplifier.
Built-in printer connection allows printing of E-mail and Webpages.
LineShare alerts you of an incoming call right from your TV when you subscribe to call waiting. When you're online, the unit will disconnect so you can answer your phone, and reconnects right where you left off.
Play Games like Solitare and You Don't Know JackTM right off your TV.
WEBPIP (Picture-in-Picture) allows you to surf the Web and watch TV simultaneously.
Message Watch automatically notifies you with a light on the front of the satellite receiver when you receive an E-mail message.
Explore organizes websites into categories to make finding your way around the Internet easier.
Around Town gives local information like upcoming events, movie show times, local restaurant reviews and classifieds. This is automatically programmed based on customer ZIP Code.
Kids Home page allows young children to find fun things and learn from pre-selected sites geared to their age.
SurfWatch limits access to inappropriate Internet sites.
Page Builder makes creating your own personal Webpage a snap.