On November 2, 1999, Popular Mechanics chose the Bosch Platinum+4 spark plug as the winner of its coveted 2000 Design & Engineering Award. The prestigious award recognizes the best in design innovation and inventions.

The plug’s revolutionary design is centered around four ground electrodes (as opposed to the single electrode found in traditional spark plugs) and a pure platinum center electrode that combines to create a more powerful, more efficient spark. The result is smoother acceleration and improved fuel efficiency.

“We’re honored that the Platinum+4 was chosen for this award,” said Robert Burnham of Bosch. “ We believe that the innovative design of the Platinum+4 is a technology breakthrough. The editors of Popular Mechanics validate that belief by presenting the Platinum+4 with the Design & Engineering Award.”

Four ground electrodes provide multiple spark paths which allow the spark to travel the most efficient path and deliver a longer and more powerful spark than conventional single electrode plugs. This offers superior burn characteristics for ultimate engine performance.

Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode that's heat-fused into a ceramic insulator to eliminate air gaps which exist in platinum alloy-tipped plugs. Platinum+4 reaches its self-cleaning temperature faster for smoother acceleration and better fuel efficiency. Plus, Platinum+4 adds 75% more pure platinum over that of Bosch Platinum to its center electrode, providing a longer performance life.